SCSS Music Council Executive 2018-2019

Our Purpose:

We are a student run council, responsible for organizing events, fundraisers and concerts for the music program at SCSS.

Our Goal:

To ensure that the Stratford Central music program is enjoyable, exciting and welcoming to all students.

The Stratford Central Music Council meets weekly to discuss matters of the music program. We take votes, form committees and debate issues in order to plan events such as band camps, choir camps, concerts, coffee houses, fundraisers, and the annual music department trip. We include representatives from each ensemble to ensure that the needs of all music department students are met. Music Council is a fun way for students to further their involvement in the music program at Central.

Interested in Music Council? 

Holding an executive position on Music Council offers unique opportunities for both inter- and intra-personal development through various council-related tasks during the school year. Traits like responsibility, initiative, confidence, and creativity are often utilized and developed while facing and working through these challenges. As well, Music Council is a great place to connect with musically-minded peers and make a difference in Central’s school environment. Application and selection for Music Council Executive is completed for this year. Keep your ears open for opportunities to be involved with our General Council meetings throughout the year.   

Music Council: General Members 

Even if not executive members on Music Council, music students can still further their involvement in the music program by participating in monthly general meetings. Run by Music Council representatives, any and all music students are encouraged to take part in general meetings where ideas are shared, discussed, and created. Often, general council members are invited to assist with preparation or execution of certain events. Hope to see you there!

Evelyn Bachellier


Evelyn Bachellier is a grade 12 student at Stratford Central and has been a part of the SCSS music program for six years. She plays bassoon in the symphonic band and tenor saxophone in the jazz band, though she began on clarinet in grade 7. This year, Evelyn is eager to further develop her abilities as both a musician and a leader, and hopes to encourage greater participation of all students in Music Council and in general member meetings.

Effie Honeywell

Vice President

Effie Honeywell is a grade 12 student at Stratford Central and has been heavily involved in the music program ever since grade 7. She plays trumpet in the symphonic band, jazz band and the brass quintet, Rams Horns. She is also a member of the vocal ensembles at the school, Central singers and Vocal Chords. This year, Effie is very excited to be vice president of music council! She plans to encourage younger music students to be more involved in the music program, and wants to encourage leadership in the seniors! Effie is looking forward to a great year!

Amber McNeil